Nike Training Club App Review


Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or focus on working out specific areas of your body – NTC is for you!

At first I was skeptical, how could an iPhone app (free by the way!) compete with tried and tested perfectly tailored workouts created by professionals? But I gave it a shot, and boy oh boy was it hard! I overestimated my fitness, selecting ADVANCED and the maximum number of minutes to work out (45) – I couldn’t do 15 minutes before I switched to lighter weights!

The app allows you to select from 30 or 45 minute workouts, specifying your fitness level, as well as the type of workout you want (toning, weight loss, or bulking). Mini-workouts that last 15 minutes and target specific body areas are also available, and you can play your own music in the background! The app is easy to use, has clear instruction, a voice-over telling you your next step (so you don’t have to keep looking at your phone), and videos demonstrating each exercise. What’s so great is that all you really need is a pair of dumbbells! Some workouts require a medicine ball, but I do those with dumbbells as well and it’s just the same.

I’ve been using the app daily for 2 months now – and the results are amazing! The workouts combine both sports-specific as well as general conditioning exercises that really help build a strong foundation. For the past month I have been combining NTC with Jen Rankin’s Muscle Building Program for the extra bulk that I like to have.

So give it a try girls (I think it’s a girls app – sorry guys) – you won’t regret it!




Dear Karateka,

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Username: @JKAKUWAIT


Peanut Butter-Banana Sandwich!

I admit it, I have been slacking off exercise IMMENSELY for the past couple of months. Busy with work mostly (I got sent to Houston, Texas for a while!), as well as other “commitments”. But despite all the deteriorating workout plans, I still try and eat as healithily as I can!

So the other day I was craving something delicious and sweet, but nothing too dreadfully bad for me. Now, normally I would grab a candy bar, or slather some chocolate spread on a bit of toast. But no, instead, I opted for a high-calorie but highly beneficial snack I literally CRAVE on some days. That being, the peanut butter and banana sandwich!

Now, being a skinny minnie like me, I could always use the extra calories. But there’s a difference between getting your extra calories from ice cream or potato chips, and getting them from, let’s say, avocados. You catch my drift?

Now I don’t need to explain the benefits of bananas because, well, they’re bananas! Everyone knows they’re good for you! But peanut butter, yesssss the sinful PB, is super duper healthy for you too! Here’s a post about the Health Benefits of Peanut Butter for all of you who think cutting it out of your “diet” is a good idea. Pop in some bananas with that PB and you got yourself a healthy snack that can be enjoyed by you and some kids too!