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A few tips I like to share about working out at a gym.

Condition Combat


It’s finally here!

After 14 years of Shotokan Karate training, I am proud to announce the launch of Condition: Combat! My very own JKA Shotokan Karate Branch and Fitness academy.

Starting in June 2013, keep checking back for info, and follow @conditioncombat on instagram!



Nike Training Club App Review


Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or focus on working out specific areas of your body – NTC is for you!

At first I was skeptical, how could an iPhone app (free by the way!) compete with tried and tested perfectly tailored workouts created by professionals? But I gave it a shot, and boy oh boy was it hard! I overestimated my fitness, selecting ADVANCED and the maximum number of minutes to work out (45) – I couldn’t do 15 minutes before I switched to lighter weights!

The app allows you to select from 30 or 45 minute workouts, specifying your fitness level, as well as the type of workout you want (toning, weight loss, or bulking). Mini-workouts that last 15 minutes and target specific body areas are also available, and you can play your own music in the background! The app is easy to use, has clear instruction, a voice-over telling you your next step (so you don’t have to keep looking at your phone), and videos demonstrating each exercise. What’s so great is that all you really need is a pair of dumbbells! Some workouts require a medicine ball, but I do those with dumbbells as well and it’s just the same.

I’ve been using the app daily for 2 months now – and the results are amazing! The workouts combine both sports-specific as well as general conditioning exercises that really help build a strong foundation. For the past month I have been combining NTC with Jen Rankin’s Muscle Building Program for the extra bulk that I like to have.

So give it a try girls (I think it’s a girls app – sorry guys) – you won’t regret it!

APFT (Army Physical Fitness Training) Test


At some point in your athletic career, you want to know just how fit you really are. Don’t you wish there was some sort of scale or norm that you can compare yourself to? Well, there is!

Soldiers must undergo extensive fitness training prior to taking an APFT Test twice a year. Your results are then observed and compared to a table, which also shows whether you passed or failed your test.

Luckily, you can carry this test out on yourself, soldier yourself into shape! The test consists of just 3 phases:

1. The 2 mile run (about 3.2 km) – time how long it takes you to run exactly 2 miles.

2. The push-up phase – record how many full push-ups you can do in 2 minutes

3. The sit-up phase – record how many full sit-ups you can do in 2 minutes

You are allowed to stop during the 2 minute exercises, but try not to!

Now, how can you tell how well you did? Use THIS link to input your results to an Army Fitness Calculator. Do this test twice a year, and compare your Overall Score to your previous tests.

Happy training!